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Related article: Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 16:45:45 +0200 From: fleetwood Subject: african farm 4 (interacail)Daniel had never felt such an exquisite sensation as when his 11" throbbing thick black cock was buried to the hilt in John's butt-hole and enveloped by his velvety massaging butt muscles. The first time he had climaxed into the bowels of another man with his butt muscles milking his pulsating, spasming cock had been the biggest and best climax of his life. He had never ever fucked a woman as he had fucked his black Zulu brother and the first time he had,had a huge thick black cock in his mouth he had felt as though it was the most natural thing and he should have been doing it many, many years ago. He had taken to sucking Simon's thick throbbing cock like a duck to water, the texture of steel covered in soft spongelike velvet with a bitter sweet liquid that drove his lust levels well into the red zone was something his body had craved but hadn't realised it until his lips first wrapped themselves around that pitch black throbbing cock and his unrealised thirst had been quenched. The texture of that black scrotum with sparse crisp black hairs and big balls rolling around his tongue was bliss undescribable, especially when he knew he could bring a fellow Zulu brother to such heights of passion with just his mouth and tongue gave the big black african a power he had longed for and now finally had in his control and he revelled in it. When John had first inserted his finger into his butt-hole he had winced with the discomfort but as the finger penetrated and found his postrate gland, the stimulation of it had caused him to ejaculate more cum than he had ever seen his big balls produce and his orgasm had practically robbed him of his consciousness as his huge Preteen Portal cock had expanded to a new thickness he'd never seen or experienced before. Daniel stood in the last milking stall of the dairy with his huge 11" cock gripped in his big black right hand and fondled is balls with his hand as he slowly wanked himself and recalled last night's sex scene with his Zulu brothers as his hand moved back and forth along his thick throbbing sharft he moaned to himself as he watched his forskin fold and unfold over his big mushroom cock-head, forcing precum to ooze from the puffy slit. He ran his hand around the swollen cock-head and spread the precum as lubrication and the action caused his body to lurch into a slight crouch and his cock to jerk causing precum to ooze copiously from the slit. Charles Gardner, owner of the farm and employer of Daniel had entered the dairy on his way to the office when he heard long moaning coming from the end stall and turned in that direction to investigate. He wore leather soled shoes and his approach was soundless as he neared the stall. He saw his manager in a crouched position moaning softly and as he was about to call out to him he noticed the big black african's right arm moving as he stimulated himself. Intrigued he approached on the balls of his feet and as he drew almost level with the stall he saw Daniel with his khaki shorts down around his ankles and his huge black cock in his big black hand that was moving back and forth along the thick sharft. At first Charles was shocked and was about to voice himself when he felt a sudden tightening in his 28 year old crotch and as his cock thickened with pulsating blood he instinctively grasped his cock through his trousers and squeezed. Charles was no stranger to man to man sex, he'd gone to an all boys boarding school where he had being taught to wank and suck other boys cocks and be wanked and sucked by other boys and he knew from experience that woman just couldn't suck cock like a man. He stood 6 ft. with blonde hair, blue eyes and broad shoulders that narrowed to a slim waist and long muscular legs. His hard muscled torso was covered in light brown hair that narrowed at his naval and spread slightly to his thick bushy pubic hair that topped the thick base of his 9" cock. Charles's thick 9" cock throbed in his fist as he squeezed himself and watched the big black African engrossed in pleasuring himself. He stood watching until his lust forced him to cough and announce himself, the big black man jerked upright in fright with as big swollen cock gripped tightly, he looked like a trapped animal with no escape. "It's okay, just take it easy! I'm not going to do anything so just relax." Soothed the big white man as he stepped towards the big black man with a huge bulge in his trousers. Before Daniel could react, Charles took two strides that brought him up to the big black African and without any hesitation he reached out and grasped the huge throbbing black 11" cock and began fondling it while he spoke soothingly Preteen Portal as he would to a frightened animal. " Just relax big boy! That's one hell of a cock you're bashing there. It's been a long time since I saw such a beauty and it sure is a handful. Man it's been a long time since I've held another man's cock and it sure feels fucking good! Soothed Charles with his eyes staring into the big black man's. Daniel was shocked beyond words as he looked into his employer's blue eyes and then it registered as he slowly looked down and saw his big black cock gripped firmly in Charles's white hand and he felt the manly caress. His eyes followed the white hand moving expertly along his thick black sharft and as it neared his throbbing black mushroom cock-head he noticed the huge bulge in his employer's trousers. Charles grabbed the throbbing black cock in both his hands as he slowly wanked it, his eyes were riveted to the black cock and as he felt it jerked and throb in his hands he quietly urged the big black man to touch his crotch. " Yeah! Your beautiful big black cock is dripping like a faucet. Man you've really been blessed with this monstrous weapon. It's throbbing like fucking two stroke motor and it feels fucking amazing! Yeah, why don't you go ahead and take my cock out, it's begging for your hands." Urged Charles to the big black man. Daniel needed no second bidding, he quickly unbuttoned the white man's trousers and hooking his fingers into the white underwear he pushed the trousers and underwear down the slim white hips and released the hard throbbing thick 9" cock. It was tan in colour with no forskin and a large strawberry cock-head in the same shape as his own. Light brown pubic hair crowned the thick base and beneath the thick sharft hung a pair of balls almost identical in size to his own. The big black Zulu reached for the throbbing tan cock and as his huge black hand encircled it the white man moaned softly and thrust is hips forwards, demanding action and the big black man obliged. He began wanking the thick sharft as he had done to his own and watched the big strawberry cock-head slowly changing colour from red to a darker colour almost maroon in colour and the veins crisscrossing the throbbing sharft became more pronounced. "You are a big strong man and must make many woman happy!" Complemented the big black man in his native language of which Charles was completely fluent. Daniel reached for the heavy scrotum and hefting the big low heavy balls he began fondling them as his Zulu brother John had fondled is his the previous night. He'd mastered the light but firm touch and this time the white man groaned and began gyrating his hips. " Yeah! Work those balls! Oh yeah! You sure know your way around a cock and balls. Oh yeah!" Groaned the white man. Charles hadn't felt another man's touch since his marriage six years ago and now his pulsating cock and balls were being handled by rough work calloused hands and he realised he'd missed the feelings. Charles reached for the big black balls and while massaging them he squeezed gently and was rewarded with a low groan from the big black man. " Oh sir! Aiiee, you make my manhood hungry! See how he stands proudly for you." Groaned the big Zulu as he watched his throbbing cock in the white man's hands. The two men worked on each other's throbbing cocks until Daniel dropped to his knees and opening his mouth he guided the now spruce coloured cock-head into its warm wet interior and closing his thick brown lips around it he swirled his tongue and began sucking, causing Charles to gasp out loud and thrust is hips. The tan cock rammed into the black man's mouth and down his throat, causing him to gag into the light brown pubic bush that surrounded his nose. His throat convulsed around the thick cock embedded in it which only heightened the white man's pleasure and he responded by thrusting Preteen Portal it deeper and the more the black man gagged the harder the white man thrust. Eventually Daniel grabbed hold of Charles's hips and held on tightly as he slowly withdrew the thick throbbing cock and gasped for breath. Charles apologised profusely and tried to explain that it had been six years since his cock had entered the warm wet mouth as his wife flatly refused any oral sex. Daniel wiped the tears from his eyes and smiling up at his employer he proceeded to engulf the 9" throbbing cock once again only this time he placed a restraining hand flat against the thick base and his other around the low hanging balls and once again he swirled his tongue and sucked working slowly and swallowing " by thick throbbing " of white cock. Charles groaned aloud and pulling up his T. shirt he squeezed, pulled and rolled his big tan nipples thus heightening the dilerious sensations flooding his cock and balls. " Oh fucking yeah! Suck me harder! Take it all in baby! Swallow my fucking cock to the hilt! Oh! Oh yeah! Cried Charles in ecstasy. Daniel worked diligently on the thick white cock until he had it buried down his throat and while massaging the big low hanging balls he released the sharft as he swallowed and with his free hand he reached between Charles's legs and running his thick index finger up the hairy crack until he located the puckered rossette. While rubbing his finger around it he began probing and Charles opened his legs allowing him full access to his butt-hole. Charles reached behind and grabbing Daniel's hand he lent down and sucked on the index finger and lubricated it, then he replaced it on his butt-hole and Daniel slowly inserted it. Charles threw back his head and groaned as he began gyrating his hips and allowing the finger to penetrate to the hilt. Daniel felt for the slight nob and once locating it he pressed and rubbed it causing Charles to cry out like a wounded animal and begin humping and gyrating in a spasmodic dance of lust. "OH! YESSS! I'M COMINGGG! OOOH FFUCKIINGG HELLLL! YES! SUCK ME HARDER! OH! OH SWEET JESUS! AAAAGGHHHNNG!! AAGHNNG! YYESSSS! YESSS! Yes,yess! yes! Shouted Charles as cum erupted from his pulsating cock. Daniel was rewarded with a jet of thick warm cum and as he stimulated Charles's postrate so his mouth was coated with jet after jet of thick white cum. Charles's body spasmed and jerked as he ejaculated, he held onto the huge Zulu's head with both hands and Daniel kept sucking, driving the white man into an orgasm he'd craved unconsciously for 6 years. Daniel held Charles until he'd regained his senses then the white man knelt and as the two men gazed into each others eyes they instinctively moved forward and began kissing. At first gently then as Charles tasted his cum he became more aggressive and soon his tongue was searching deeper for his man seed and the big black man responded passionately, their tongues danced, challenged and entwined in a hungry man kiss until Charles urged the big black man up. As Daniel stood his huge throbbing 11" black cock was grasped by his employer and without any hesitation Charles opened his mouth and as the huge purple cock-head entered he began sucking and swirling his tongue. Precum oozed from the slit and coated his mouth, he swallowed and it lubricated his throat as he began swallowing the throbbing black cock. He hadn't lost his experience, he sucked and swallowed 8 '' and as the big black cock settled in his throat he began humming. Every nerve in Daniel's cock leapt into action and as his huge balls tightened they were grasped and pulled back into the scrotum, causing his cock to jerk and thicken. A tingling electrical feeling burst from his cock-head, up through the throbbing sharft, through his balls and as it hit his thick base it exploded through his pelvic and ignited his huge muscular body. He'd never experience this feeling before and while contemplating it he suddenly felt a finger stimulating his butt-hole. He spread his legs and allowed Charles to penetrate his puckered rossette, as Charles felt for his postrate he felt a stronger suction on his pulsating cock and then Charles found his goal. "OH! YES! AAAAH! AAIIEEHH! MY COCK HE IS IN HEAVEN! HOW BIG AND PROUD HE IS! AANNGGHH! Cried the huge black man as he clasped his hand behind the white man's head and gyrated his hips and with his free hand he squeezed, pulled and rolled his big black nipple in total ecstasy. White lights flashed through his brain as his body jerked spasmodically and his orgasm ignited and exploded through out every nerve he possessed. "OHHH!OOOHH!AAAAIIIEEEHHHH!! MY SEED!AAAGGHHH!AAGHHN!AAIEE!AIEE!UUNGH! UNGGH!UNG!AH!!AIEE! OH! Oh! Oh oh oh! Shreeked the huge Zulu as his eyes rolled back, his head tilted and his body convulsed. Charles withdrew the huge cock as he felt it expand and keeping just the huge mushroom cock-head in his mouth he swirled his tongue and sucked until his mouth was flooded with jet after jet of hot thick cum. The huge black Zulu shreeked and howled as his senses kiliadascoped into each other and he experienced the most mind shattering climax. As Daniel regained his senses and balance Charles slowly released his hips and arose to his feet and both men embraced each other in mutual respect and brotherhood, the bond had been made. "I thank you for the pleasure you have given me." Said Daniel in his native Zulu. "It was my pleasure and I thank you for the pleasure you shared with me and I hope we can do this again." Answered the white man in fluent Zulu. "Oh yes! It would be very good if we could pleasure each other again and it shall be among us only, you have my word." Reply Daniel as he smiled respectfully and turned to dress. "Thank you I knew I could count on your silence Preteen Portal and we shall pleasure each other again very soon." Smiled Charles as he dressed. The two men left the dairy together and Charles headed towards the farm house to shower the strong smell of sex from his body before his wife arrived home and Daniel headed out onto the field in Preteen Portal search of the labourers, to make sure they were doing their duties as he was the foreman and as he walked so he visualised the sex scene between him and his employer and again his cock responded by thickening. Daniel chuckled to himself and thought "oh man this cock of mine never gets tired when I think of men but when I think of woman he is sluggish". The dye had been cast and there was no turning back he wanted man sex, they knew how to suck a brother's manhood and they begged for more even when his big cock was buried to his hair in a butt-hole and woman cried and refused to take his manhood into their mouths and they even refused to take all his manhood between their legs, yes men were definitely more satisfaction and they were always ready for pleasure, no courting, flirting and cajoling just plain pleasure. Men were for him from now on.
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